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DELTA STATE 2Delta State is one of the 36 States in Nigeria, comprising mainly Igbo (Anioma people), Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw and Itsekiri. The whole ethnic-groups that comprise the State are administratively grouped into three senatorial districts namely: Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central, for easy administrative purposes.

The state borders Edo State, Ondo State , Imo State, Rivers State, Anambra State and Bayelsa State. In the south west and south it has approximately 122 kilometres of coastline bounded by the Bight of Benin the Atlantic ocean.

Delta State, an oil producing State, situated in the Region known as the Niger Delta, was carved out of the former Bendel State in 1991. (formally known as Midwestern Region). The State was created following agitations for the creation of separate distinct States by the Urhobos and Anioma regions. This gave birth to Asaba, a developing modern city, as the State Capital. The name "Bendel" (Ben-Del) meant Benin-Delta to reflect the integration of Benin and Delta provinces.

Delta State is made up of twenty-five Local Government Areas. They are as follows:

Aniocha North
Aniocha South
Ethiope East
Ethiope West
Ika North East
Ika South
Isoko North
Isoko South
Ndokwa East
Ndokwa West
Oshimili North
Oshimili South
Ughelli North
Ughelli South
Warri North
Warri South
Warri South West


Natural resources

Delta State is one of the Major oil producing States in Nigeria. In Addition, there are various solid mineral deposits such as - industrial clay, silica, tar sand, etc. These are raw materials for industries that are into brick making, ceramics, bottle manufacturing, glass manufacturing, and so on,

Tourism and Monuments
Delta State is endowed with various tourist attractions, Monuments, customs, traditions, festivals, music, arts, crafts, and folklore.Araya_holy_land_8
There are many tourist attractions in Delta State including:

Araya Bible Site 
The Nana's Palace, Koko ( a cultural Museum )
The Asaba Beach

Abraka River Resort -The quiet University town of Abraka plays host to this Resort, which is famous for its River-based Sports.
Grand Convention Center & Resort -Located in the West Bank of the picturesque River Niger, the Resort is one of the most luxurious in Nigeria. It provides a true Paradise experience.
Olona Ranch and Holiday Resort -A traditionally designed Ranch/Holiday Resort in Onicha-Olona. It presents an escape into the beauty of nature, with a rare opputunity to taste various Delta dishes.

The Asaba-Onitsha Bridge -buhlt in 1965 at tue cost of 6,000,000:00 Pounds. It is tue link between tue west and eastern part of Nigeria

Demas Nwoko Edifice

The Ibru Centre Agbarha-Otor -An International Ecumenical Centre for Spiritual solare, rejuvenation exercise and pilgrimage

Lander Brothers' Anchorage -built to cmmemorate the Expedition journey of the Lander Brothers' (Richard and John) to Asaba, to discover the source of the River Niger.



Delta State is ethnically diverse with peoples and numerous languages spoken in the state. The Delta North is Igbo region, the Delta Central and Delta South is made up of Urhobo, Ijaw, Isoko, and Itsekiri. These groups are known to inter-marry. Most inhabitants of the state practice Christianity, or traditional faiths.Nana'S_PALACE_KOKO_20Palace1

Cultural Festivities in the State attract visitors from in and out of Nigeria. These are obvious ways of displaying the rich Cultural wealth of the State

Every community has at least one Festival and most are celebrated annually, while some are biennial. A few, like the Edjenu of the Agbarha Clan in Ughelli North Local Government Area, take place only once or twice in a lifetime. These festivals make Delta State a ''colourful cultural petal" of immense Beauty. One of the predominant Features in these Festivals is Music and dance. Thus, we have the 'Udje' , 'Ikenike' and 'Ikpeba' dance of the Urhobos and the 'Idegbeani/Egwu Agbala' or the 'Igele/Egwu-Amala' dance by the Aniomas, while the Ijaws and Itsekiris are noted for their boat Regatta. Tourists could get furhter Information from the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Below is a list of some of the major festivals in the state:-

Festival Town/LGA Description
1. Ishe Festival Ewulu Town For peace and progress
2. Oki Masquerade Dance Torugbene town in Burutu LGA Ceremonial

The Edjenu festival


Agbaha clan, Ughelli North LGA Ceremonial
4. The Adane Okpe Festival Orerokpe Okpe LGA For unity and peace


Higher education in the State:

Delta State has an array of some of the finest Higher Institutions in the Country. This is because the People are conscious of learning, and thus a very high value is placed on education by the government.

Higher Institutions:

Federal University of Petroleum Resource, Effurun
Delta State University (Abraka Campus,Oleh Campus,Asaba Campus)
Ogwashi uku Polytechnic
Otefe oghara Polytechnic
Ozoro Polytechnic
Sapele Polytechnic
Bomadi Polytechnic
Aboh Polytechnic
Abigborodo Polytechnic
College of Education(Agbor Campus, Warri Campus)
Federal College of Education Technical, Asaba
College of Physical Education, Mosogar
College of Health Technology, Ughelli
Petroleum Training Institution,Effurun
Western Delta University,Oghara
Novena University,Ogume